Eleventh January

I'm John.
|| Amateur Photographer. Graphic Artist. Sound Designer. Huge Fan of The Fray ||

Damn…. Aaron Espe’s Dragon is just…. crazy good.



It’s so easy for you to forget the moments we had together. But just so you know, those were the best times I’ve ever had.

…though I will still be here… just not the same anymore. I’ll keep my safe distance.

From here on out, every song I hear, I’ll try not remember the way it used to be. This time it will be different. This time I’ll be different.

…And suddenly, the sea stood still.


Can’t sleep. Might as well listen to some sad songs…

First sketch for the fourth term.

First sketch for the fourth term.

I wish I could box these feelings, lock them up safe, and throw it to the ocean.